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Visit Cidra
On Miami's
8th Street

Modern Cuisine


Between March and May we will have on the table our incomparable Mojito Grouper and our Pumpkin Roulade with a unique selection of local ingredients.

Perfect pairing


Our menu has been created to interact with a selection of wines and cocktails that will help seal this unique culinary experience in Miami.

“Our menu is yours to craft your own culinary masterpiece”

About Cidra Restaurant

Cidra is more than just a restaurant and tapas bar; it's a culinary journey inspired by the vibrant flavors of contemporary Latin cuisine, nestled right on Miami's 8th Street.

Our menu is a symphony of citrusy accents, herb-infused tones, and the freshest ingredients sourced from local artisans.

From the timeless classics to the bold and daring, our cuisine mirrors the essence of an exotic region.


Our creations are thoughtfully paired with a selection of wines and cocktails, delicately sweetened with tropical fruits and infused with floral notes.

Visit our restaurant to enjoy an intimate experience

between you and your palate.



3438 SW 8th St 

Miami, FL 33135

305 529 4220

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